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May 28, 2014    8:00pm    3 months ago

Inspirations and Exhalations by Camelittle

I read this a week or so ago and forgot to rec!!! This is a super adorable Modern AU that has nerdy merlin and boss arthur working together to GET SHIT DONE! I loved it :)

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May 13, 2014    11:27pm    3 months ago

Submission: aeternus (eternal) by bravenclawesome

A submission to our humble blog! Yay! This one looks interesting folks, now that I’m done with finals I’ve got time to read after graduation! Lets see… this one’s a Merthur, less than 10k and looks to be a canonAU. Check it out and let us know how you like it! Thanks to Leanne for the submission :)

Send us more, friends!


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May 10, 2014    6:50pm    3 months ago

I think the fic the anon is looking for is called ACAB by neuroticnick on AO3

Hey anon! Do you think this may be the fic? If so, let us know! Sorry for the super late reply, both of us are taking finals right now :(

April 23, 2014    8:47pm    4 months ago
Hi, I'm looking for a fic, modern AU with magic, where Merlin and the knights are an underground movement fighting against Uther, and Arthur goes undercover. Of course he ends up falling in love with Merlin and joining them. Merlin is their scout, does parkour, is kind of insane, has a room where he runs around with paint on his feet to paint the walls, and is always listening to the Pixies. I could have sworn he was called the Mad Monk or something. Google has failed me. :( Please help?

Hmmm Avenn nor I have read this fic, but I am beginning the hunt for it right NOW! Keep an eye on this post or I’ll message you once I’ve found the link.

Anyone else know what fic this may be? 

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March 28, 2014    6:48pm    5 months ago

We’re like crying in happiness! We love you all so much!!

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March 17, 2014    10:23am    5 months ago
Hii :D Could you please rec a reincarnation merthur fic where Arthur is all confused with the modern world and technology and Merlin has to explain/take care :D

Hey there! Sorry I’m just now getting to this message. I’m compiling a list of a few of these, but for now take a look at “A Relaxing Holiday" by go_fishing. It’s super adorable :) Keep an eye on this post and I’ll add some more links!

March 17, 2014    10:20am    5 months ago
Hi! I was just watching the episode "Gwaine," and I am in sudden and desperate need of a canon divergent fic with Merlin/Gwaine that either becomes Gwaine/Merlin/Arthur or just Merthur. Do you know anything like that?

Hmm I haven’t read any, but I’ll keep an eye out for something like that!! I’ll update this post if I or one of our followers find something for you :)


March 17, 2014    10:19am    5 months ago

hi guys. im looking for a coffee shop AU where arthur and merlin are sort of best friends and everyone thinks they are together except there arent and then arthur's girlfriends break up with him (or vice versa, not sure) because they think that merlin and arthur are too close or something?? So sorry its not too much to go on. ALSO YOUR SIDE BAR GIF IS PAINFUL CAN U NOT <3

Hey there! I think what you’re looking for is “coffeeshop muffins" by skellerbvvt :) It’s not in an actual coffeeshop which is why some people may get confused haha But yeah it’s one of our all time faves!

(Also our sidebar gif makes me cry too, but what can I say that’s just another moment of *merthur* that I can’t help but iconize in the show!!)


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March 15, 2014    9:27am    5 months ago

We are so appreciative of this nice little shout-out!!!! We really should be thanking everyone in the Merlin fandom for providing us with these works and for all those who read and rec and request us :) KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON MERLIN FANDOM!!!!!

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February 16, 2014    10:11am    6 months ago

Look into the light-Tassos

A delicious little dark merlin smutlet, a must read for anyone with the more rare desire for mind control smut

February 14, 2014    7:20pm    6 months ago

Five Moments in the Life of Arthur Pendragon, St. Albion Student and Sleep-deprived Boyfriend of Merlin by Lilian_Cho

I thought this story was really cute and I liked the vignette style, it’s fresh and fun to see their relationship in that perspective. Plus i love modern college au’s hehe

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February 14, 2014    7:06pm    6 months ago

The tale of Merlin and Arthur (the stripper) by Azile_Teacup

I can’t remember If I’ve recced this one before or not on here, but GO READ IT AGAIN ANYWAY it’s so adorable and perfect and funny and sexy ;) It’s a modern AU that has the most perfect premise, I just love mistaken identity thingies hehe. This Arthur was so perfectly done! So was Merlin of course xD

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February 14, 2014    7:03pm    6 months ago

Techme!Merlin by Lisztful

A super adorable Modern AU merthur fic that has some awkward moments and a whole lot of hilarious moments with some touching sweet moments too :) Give this a read, its pretty sure and really kinda perfect :)

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February 08, 2014    3:08pm    6 months ago
Hii. I am looking for a fic in which Merlin is tired of Arthur not realizing all that he does for him. I'm not sure but he also likes Arthur and is really heartbroken because of the whole Gwen/Arthur thing. I think it started with a scene in which there was a feast or something. And Merlin is just standing there next to Arthur. I am so sorry this is so vague but i cant remember much! Oh and you guys are so wonderful <3 And so un-scary. Thanks for that!

Hmm, I’ve been looking for this for a couple hours now, but I can’t seem to find it yet. Don’t worry I haven’t given up!! Do you think you remember any other details, though? Did Arthur know of Merlin’s magic yet? Is Gwen around or is she not there? Anything else would be awesome :)

Anyone else hear of a story like this? Message here! <333


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January 20, 2014    8:51pm    7 months ago
hey! can you help me out? i'm looking for a fic that is merlin/arthur... i read it a couple of weeks ago and forgot to bookmark it and i wanna read it again because it was so fluffy and adorable and perfect... it involved merlin and arthur being best friends since they were little kids and they are so close everyone thinks they're dating but they're not... Arthur momentarily dates Sophia in it and there's a snowball tradition on Merlin and Arthur's anniversary... ring any bells??

Yes, I most definitely can help with that one! Its one of my favorite fics :)

Coffeeshop muffins by skellerbvvt:

Let me know if this is the right one or if you’ve got any more questions/comments